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Podcasting can be a lot of fun & a great way to share your passion with like-minded individuals.  It can also be a potential revenue stream for your company and/or business and a way to connect with your employees & others in your field.

But if you want to be successful in podcasting, there's way more to it than just plugging in a mic and hitting "Record" on your computer.  According to, as of December 2020, there were over 1.5 MILLION different podcasts available and over 34 MILLION podcast episodes.

So how do you cut through the clutter to ensure your podcast is heard?  Walker New Media can help with that!

We've been involved in podcasting since 2015, having been a part of several different shows of various formats covering a multitude of topics.  With those shows, we were also responsible for the audio production, promotion, branding, social media management, website design and cover art/graphic design. 


We're now ready to take the skills he's learned through his own experiences & pass them on to other podcasters.



Brainstorming & Planning:


Are you just getting started in the podcast world?  Maybe you’ve got a great idea but need someone to help you focus & push you in the right direction.  Or perhaps you have questions about recording gear, editing software or podcast hosting platforms.  We can help you with all of that.


Meet remotely with us to discuss anything & everything related to creating your podcast and getting your new venture underway!


Podcast Launch:


Now that you’ve got your idea nailed down, it’s time to start working on launching your podcast. 


We can help you with branding & logos, social media posting, website design ideas and so much more. 


Once you’ve got that first episode recorded, we can check it for audio quality to make sure that you’re putting out the best podcast possible to ensure that people will want to keep listening.




Quality podcasts that people want to listen to need quality production and we can help you with that.


Whether it’s interview editing, complete episode editing & mixing or writing, voicing & producing show intros, we’ve got you covered.


Podcast Artwork:


Your cover art is often the first impression your show will make on a potential listener & you want to make sure that artwork will draw people in. 


We'll help you create visually appealing podcast art that fits your brand & message as well as ensuring that artwork matches requirements set out by podcast platforms & social media channels.


Analysis & Research:


Once you’ve launched your podcast, you’re going to be hit with a lot of numbers & statistics – like downloads, listens, demographics, geo-stats, user retention and much more.


But what do all these numbers mean?  That’s where we step in.  We’ll review all of these stats with you and help you interpret what they mean to your podcast.


We can also help you create audience surveys so that you can better serve the people who listen to your podcast.


Podcast "Aircheck":


Your friends all tell you your podcast is great and you think your podcast is awesome – but is it really?


This is your opportunity to get some totally honest feedback on your show.  We'll dissect your entire podcast and tell you what you’re doing right, what you’re doing wrong and what you could be doing better.


We’ll share our opinions on your audio quality, your branding, your website, your social media and anything else you’d like us to look at.

Current Podcasts


The Jeff Does Vegas Podcast takes listeners to the world-famous Las Vegas Strip...and beyond - featuring conversations with Las Vegas entertainers & experts as well as trip reports with reviews of hotels, casinos, shows restaurants and more!

New episodes are released every 7-10 days and are available on multiple platforms - including Apple Podcasts, Spotify & Google Podcasts.


In the course of a little over 100 years, Las Vegas has gone from being a small railway stop in the middle of the desert to "the entertainment capital of the world", welcoming millions of visitors every year. 


Through that short history, the city has seen some pretty incredible things...and that's what Sin City Stories is all about.  The show takes listeners on a deep dive into Vegas's incredibly colorful history - both the good AND the bad.

Episodes are available on multiple platforms - including Apple Podcasts, Spotify & Google Podcasts.

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