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Terms & Conditions



Completed recordings will be emailed to the client in either MP3 or WAV formats.  Larger files that are too big to be emailed, they will be placed on an FTP website ready to be downloaded.


To ensure payment and prevent unauthorized usage, certain projects will be watermarked for approval, when payment has been received the watermark will be removed and the final recording will be made available to the client.


At time of dispatch all files are checked and are fit for purpose. Failure of delivery due to postal or Internet service provider is not the responsibility of Walker New Media. Any loss or damage to recordings/material once delivered to the Client remains the responsibility of the Client and Walker New Media does not take responsibility or liability for the damage of recordings or services.


Walker New Media is not responsible should your CD ROM or DVD be damaged during shipment by the post office, or any mishandling during delivery. Insurance is recommended. Confirmation item has been received is also expected. Walker New Media is not responsible should your computer or player not be able to read the CD ROM or DVD ordered. Only high quality, brand name CD-R, DVD-R, DVD+R, CD-RW's. CD's and DVD's are used which are well packaged to prevent breakage during shipment.


Where possible, Walker New Media offers a 12-24 hour turnaround time (subject to availability) on shorter projects (ex: radio & television commercials and PSA’s, radio & television imaging/promotional spots). For larger projects (narration, audio books, etc) a delivery timeline will be agreed upon between Walker New Media and the client.


All Scripts and requirements must be clear and concise for to allow 12-24 hour turnaround on the above specified projects.


Should a CD ROM or DVD be ordered, these terms, and conditions stated herein still apply.




Due to the nature of voiceovers new clients are expected to make payment upfront, except under extreme circumstances or the return of established clients. There is no satisfaction guarantee, nor refunds available, but should you be dissatisfied with any part of your specified recording or recording requested, requests for re-recordings of the original transcript will be provided free of charge providing the recording did not meet the original brief and that the request is received within 5 business days of the original order. All sales are final after the 5 day time period has expired. Free re-recordings within reason, only apply to orders that take 24 hours or less to record. For any alterations to original, brief charges may apply.


Invoices will be issued on the first day of each month and will include all sessions for that month. Payments must be made by either cheque or bank e-transfer and are to be made within 30 days of issue of invoice. Payment NOT received within 30 days of issue of invoice will be subject to an interest rate of 5% per annum.




Client(s) are responsible for checking any copy or scripts for mistakes and legal issues prior to submission to Walker New Media. Walker New Media accepts no liability for these issues.




Walker New Media retains copyright and ownership of all recorded material voiced. If you would like full ownership and copyright of any recorded material, then a 'buyout' can be arranged at an additional cost. Permission must be obtained if you plan to use the recorded material in any other form from the medium originally produced. (Example: Voiceover that was recorded for a radio advertisement that is then to be used in a television advertisement). Supplemental fees will be incurred, and Walker New Media must be notified of any planned usage changes for licensing cost calculations. Failure to notify and pay for correct usage is a breach of international copyright law and therefore the copyright is retained by me to use accordingly.

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