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Terrestrial Radio

In the 20-plus years that Jeff Walker has been involved in the radio industry, he's worn a lot of hats and worked in a lot of cities across Canada.

He's done almost everything in the business from running cables, hanging banner and setting up live broadcasts & station events to hosting major market dayparts, running a music department, assisting in programming and writing & producing station imaging.

Over the course of his career, Jeff's worked in multiple formats including Classic Hits, Classic Rock, Hot AC, CHR/Top 40, Country and News.

And now, you have the opportunity to have Jeff's experience at your disposal!

Through remote technology, you can get Jeff working for your station in a variety of capacities - no matter the location or market size. 



Remote Voicetracking:

Whether it's vacation coverage for your on-air staff without totally disrupting your schedule, filling non-peak shifts (including evenings, weekends or overnights) with a live-sounding announcer to keep your audience engaged, or if you're running a "budget conscious" station and are unable to hire a full-time announcer, Remote Voicetracking is a great solution for your station's needs.

You provide the online access, music logs & station liners and - no matter the format - we provide the content, voicetracks and major market sound!

Classic Rock Demo
Hot AC/Retro Pop Demo
News Demo

Remote Music Scheduling:

Running a Music Department, no matter the market size, can be extremely time consuming.  From scheduling to daily edits to clock building to database maintenance, all of this can take up a significant part of your day.


If your Program Director or an On-Air Announcer is pulling double-duty as Music Director, that’s taking time away from other tasks and in the end, something suffers.  This is your opportunity to shift some of that work away, freeing up time for staff to put more focus on other areas.


You provide online remote access to a dedicated computer in your office that contains your Music Scheduling program and let us handle the rest!

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