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On-Line Radio IS the Future!

Get On Board & Listen NOW!

On-line radio & streaming audio listenership continues to grow every single year.  


According to the 2018 edition of Edison Research's "The Infinite Dial", it's estimated that 57% of people in the US (up from 53% in 2017) and 49% of people in Canada tune in to some sort of on-line streaming audio source every single week!  As smartphone ownership grows, data costs decrease and auto manufacturers move towards making services like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto standard in their vehicles, the possibilities for these services is endless!


Walker New Media owns and operates TWO on-line streaming radio stations, with very different formats targeted at very different audiences.


Whether you're listener who just wants to enjoy some great music or you have a product and/or service you think would benefit from advertising on one of these stations, check out the information below!  

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