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The Drive was born February 27th, 2015 in Calgary, AB, Canada and came screaming into the world with AC/DC's "You Shook Me All Night Long".  The Drive was created and launched by Jeff Walker, a 20-year radio vet with medium & major market experience across Canada including Winnipeg, Regina, Vancouver and Calgary.

The music on The Drive is unique in that, unlike terrestrial Classic Rock radio stations, The Drive doesn't just focus on "the hits".  Features like Lunch With Led, Saturday Night Loud, Vintage Vinyl and Drive Deep Cuts allow the station to play an expansive library of over 1500 tracks - much MUCH larger than the usual 350-500 that commercial radio stations maintain.

The Drive currently streams audio live 24/7/365 on multiple platforms including:

  • TuneIn Radio - Desktop (PC & Mac), Mobile or via the TuneIn Radio App (iOS & Android)

  • MyRadioStream - Desktop (PC & Mac) & Mobile

  • Direct Website Listening - Desktop (PC & Mac) at

Streaming on those platforms means The Drive is accessible anywhere that there's internet service, whether it's wired, wi-fi or even 3G/4G/LTE mobile network access.

The Drive is also your opportunity to advertise your product or service to a GLOBAL audience.  It's affordable, exclusive and multi-platform.  For more information on how to get on board with The Drive and Walker New Media, contact us via email and we can start getting the word out about your business!

Listen To Our Launch:

The Drive - Real Classic Rock -
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